3D printing will sufficiently lower the cost of  materials and labor for home construction. It is still a relatively new technology. So far it has been used to build small houses. 3D printers fabricate goods based off 3D modeling. It is a fascinating process which includes a production technique for creating solid objects from a digital file uploaded to a 3D printer. The printer  then scans the file and lays down successive layers of materials.  This is repeated until the entire object is created.Real Estate is not the only industry that will be improved by 3D printing. Industries like music  to personalized medicine will see growth over the next 20 years because of this technology.  3D models are created using SketchUp.

This makes it easier to create small replicas of homes for renovation purposes or creating full size homes. Engineer Alex Le Roux, a graduate student at Baylor University, designed and built a concrete 3D printer that successfully built a small house in 24 hours. Few reasons 3D Printing may good or bad for homeowners.


  1. It will lower costs and allow faster times for construction.
  2. 3D printing also cuts down on waste which is better for our environment.
  3. The end product can be printed at the job site or transported to the job site.
  4. It increase more specialized in demand jobs. 3D modelers and expert contractors will be the hottest jobs in construction.
  5. 3D printing will offset the lack of construction labor.
  6. The overall safety of construction will be improved.


  1. Lower costs for construction will lower value for home. Rehabbing costs a lot but adds tens of thousands in value to properties.
  2. New technology always has the habit of reducing jobs and labor. It will rid of a lot of labor intensive jobs.
  3. At this present time 3D printing is slow to implement. Currently 3D printing is still substantially more expensive than conventional construction due to cost of printers and lack of designers.

Future Projections

It is still too early to see the total impact of 3D modeling for home owners. Some researchers are predicting 2025 for the mass implementation of 3D modeling for all construction sites.

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