5 New Year’s Resolutions for Homeowners

January 1st is upon us. New Year Resolutions are on everyone’s mind. Most people want to make a change or go through a rebirth. New Year Resolutions are different for Homeowners. Especially if you are a first time homeowner. Here are 5 New Year’s Resolutions for homeowners.

Efficiency for Your Home

This New Year Resolution is all about saving money and energy.Efficiency isn’t a bad word. It is just a better use of time and money. Start the new year right with making money saving changes around your home. This starts by lowering the energy usage in your home. Simple things like shutting the lights when you leave the room. Install LED bulbs and lower the thermostat when you leave your home. This New Year Resolution is all about saving money and energy

Invest in a Home Warranty

The best New Year Resolution for a homeowner who wants peace of mind.After an expensive holiday season you don’t spend money on extensive appliance repair.  Appliances can last for 15-20 years. A home warranty will offset the repair or replacement of  major home systems.Pride Home Warranty is currently offering an after Christmas Sale for our home warranty plans.

Get Healthy

Everyone wants to lose the holiday pounds.  Probably the most common New Year Resolution.As a home owner you not only want your body healthy but your home too. Create a home gym and try a healthier array of foods. As for your home  check the radon levels . Radon is a radioactive gas that moves through the soil. It is common is certain regions of the US. A colorless and odorless gas. Radon tests are inexpensive. If you find a high reading just call a radon contractor to install a home system to reduce radon levels.

Tax Assessment

After Mortgage Property tax is one of a homeowner’s biggest expenses. Especially if your home is worth more than $500,000. Homes in general tend to decline in value. Repairs and Market changes can sharply increase your home’s value. Any change in value affects your tax bill. Go to your local tax assessor and accurately assess your tax bill. Preparing for tax season isn’t a fun New Year Resolution but everyone has to do it.

Manage Mortgage

The housing market is changing. The federal reserve increased interest rates. This is the time to refinance your mortgage, make extra mortgage payments or make use of the equity in your home. These are important decisions to make.   If you are retiring soon it make sense to  make extra mortgage payments. There is penalty fees if you pay off your mortgage too early. Refinancing for a lower rate is what many people will do in 2019.

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