Tornadoes have hit Alabama and Florida over the weekend. Various buildings such as the First Baptist Church have been damaged or demolished in the city of Wetumpka,Alabama.  This city is located 17 miles northeast of Montgomery.  On January 21 The national weather service in Birmingham detected unusual weather activity in Elmore and Montgomery Counties.That tornado was 18.2 miles long with maximum winds of 135 mph; the maximum width was 700 yards.

Tornado facts

A tornado is a rotating column of air that usually come from the base of a storm. They are known for fast wind speeds.  Tornadoes can occur anytime of the year. The Great American Heartland and The South eastern region of the US is where tornadoes commonly take place. The moist warm air from the gulf, the dry, cold air from the north, and the dry hot air from the deserts makes tornadoes very quick and easy to form. The climate in Tornado alley in Texas is conducive to tornado formation. In Central California, there are a unique brand of tornadoes called “dust devils”. They’re very small tornadoes that don’t have enough power to actually do any damage.  Even though they don’t do damage if you have small children dust devils can affect them. The recent Alabama tornado  developed southwest of Wetumpka and tracked northeast, lifting just before Lake Martin.


This has yet to be declared a national disaster by FEMA. Alabama Law Enforcement Agency member helped assist with the aftermath. Authorities are telling people to stay away from Downtown Wetumpka. This is because of live powerlines on the ground.If you are in the Wetumpka and surrounding area call 911 if you need assistance. There has been no deaths or critical injuries reported. There is still the possibility of heavy severe storms will extend from the lower Mississippi Valley until the weekend.

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