Best Gift Ideas For New Homeowners

Last 7 days until Christmas day these are the last days for Holiday shopping. It is also a great time to move into a new home. The weather is colder plus the labor costs are lower for movers during this time of the year. Christmas is celebrated every year on December 25. According to historians the gift giving aspect of Christmas was taken from Saturnalia a roman winter festival. The gift giving is centered around gratitude and togetherness.Gifts aren’t just for kids. They are great for adults too. Especially if you recently moved into a new home. Here is the best gift ideas For New Homeowners.

GiftYoga Mat

New Years is on the corner. Your health and fitness is always a priority. A yoga mat  is needed to reinvigorate anyone’s flexibility. Perfect for a couple interested in a home gym.

GiftCookware Set

Cooking goes overtime during the holiday season. A new pot set  that is nonstick heats evenly and doesn’t stain makes everything easier.

GiftChef Steps Joule Sous Vide Tool

This kitchen gift makes cooking great again. It is a new age slow cooker that is great for replicating restaurant quality foods. The temperature can be controlled remotely through the Jolie app.


It is not the cheapest cleaning tool at over $500. However it saves time and it is a very efficient tool for cleaning.

GiftTile Key Fob

Have you ever lost your keys? If yes then this is a great gift idea to help you out. Tile is a tracker that you put on objects to track them.It uses bluetooth technology to give you the location of these objects.  The tile key fob also emits a sound to locate the object. Only $25 on Amazon.

GiftClick& Grow Indoor Smart Herb Garden

Organic food is all the rage. People are living longer and healthier lives. You can grow your own herbs with this gift idea. Imagine organic low calorie pizza with fresh basil or homemade mint tea. the Click & Grow Indoor Smart Herb Garden makes growing basil, mint, and many other fresh herbs incredibly easy.  Minimal amounts of lighting and water required daily.  Price only $60.


Everyone loves the gift of a good cup of joe.  $7 Starbuck coffees every day can add up to  over $270 a month. Nespresso is only $117 and brings european bistro style coffee to your home. It is fast and creates quality coffee  much like machines used by your local espresso shop.

GiftOculus Go Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality gets more and more immersive with each passing year.  You can do alot more than watch your favorie tv shows and movies.  Literally see 360 degree tours of locations, sporting events and play high resolution resolution video games. If you are really to give the gift of an immersive experience check out Oculus Go.

GiftSmartphone Iphone xr vs Google pixel 3

It is 2018 going onto be 2019. Most of the population has smartphones. You may have heard of Huawei phones. They are the toughest gift to find in USA. They are a good competitor but they can’t stop Google or Apple’s dominance. Apple ‘s new iphone XS is the priciest option at $999. However it has dual rear cameras, water resistance better than google pixel ans a more sleek design with high resolution images.  Google Pixel 3 is cheaper at $699 with 6 months of Youtube Premium Music included.

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