Climate control is one of many modern amenities for homeowners.  In the summer you would use an air conditioner while in the winter you would use furnace. Many systems in your home have similar functions and it is hard to differentiate the unit. Unless you are a plumber, it may seem like both a water heater and a boiler to be one and the same.  Similar functions doesn’t mean same roles in the house. Here are the differences between Boilers vs Water Heaters.


Boilers vs Water Heaters

Water Heaters

This unit heats and stores water. It can have a tank or be tankless. Every house has a water heater even in places like Arizona or California that don’t experience freezing temperatures. This water is used for cooking or cleaning. Water is usually heated to approximately 125 degrees Fahrenheit.  That is the temperature it is stored until it is pulled from the tank. When warm water is removed cold water enters through the bottom of the tank. Regular maintenance is important. If pressure increases drastically the water heater will damage the structure of your home.


Boilers vs Water Heaters


It is a container that funnels water through copper tubing.  This is how water is heated very quickly. The resultant steam is what used for heating. A boiler can heat large pools of water. Boilers heat water rapidly for two different uses: hot water and home heating. Typically homes in colder regions have radiators or floors heated by the boiler. In East Asia heated floors have been a staple for centuries. Ondol or the Korean home heating system has been around for as early as the 3rd Century BC . The science behind it was a fireplace on the same level as the floor . Underneath the floor was stones that conducted heat as hot smoke passed through the chimney.  Ancient climate control was achieved through the convection of heat. Today’s boilers are much more energy efficient in comparison.  This is because of the closed loop system. After the heat is lost the steam becomes water. That water returns to the pipes to be heated again.

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                        Boilers vs Water Heaters Key Differences

One of the major differences is in size. Water heaters are smaller while boilers have at least 120 gallons water storage capacity and 200,000 Btu/hr(58,620 kW) heat input.Compared to a water heater a boiler has more complex pumps and controls.  Here at Pride Home Warranty we offer home warranty coverage for Water Heaters but not boilers. Boilers are less popular in the warmer regions of the US .Having a Pride Home Warranty with our water heater coverage can save you on your next covered repair.  GET A FREE QUOTE