Aha, your dream has finally come true. Buying a home is truly a remarkable achievement. Before You sign the papers and get the deed. Read here on what you need to know when it’s time to close on your home. Remember, being informed is your greatest advantage for closing day on your home.

A standard scenario is your offer gets accepted followed by a complete home inspection. Once the appraisal is complete, your bank will give you a  closing day to sign all the paperwork and get the keys to your new home!  New homeowners rejoice as you are almost in the clear. On most occasions, the closing process is very smooth, you shake hands, and you get to call your new place – home.

As the home buyer, you have to be prepared to seal the deal at the closing table. Below are a few of the final steps that are commonly disregarded. Remember, you have every right to ask questions from your lawyer and or agent.

1. Schedule a final walk through preferably 24 hrs before closing day. This is to ensure there isn’t any damage to the property. This will also give both lawyers enough time to negotiate terms if anything changed from when the contract was signed.

2. Make sure to have ample time reserved for closing day. Recommended minimum time slot should be a few hours to half a day. Sometimes there are unforeseen delays with the title company getting the final go ahead with final deed changes.

3. Make sure to have all the necessary documents with you at the closing table. Usually your lawyer can provide you a list of all the documents needed.

4. It’s important you understand what the total cost of closing will be. There is really more to it then the purchase price and attorney fees. Your attorney can supply you with the breakdown cost.

5. Bring your checkbook and congratulations on your new home!



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