Spring is here but there are parts of the country that still need heat for their homes.Furnace problems are fairly common in residential properties.  Many problems that arise like a crack in the furnace requires help from a HVAC professional. Yet there are a few problems that can be resolved without a professional. This article will demonstrate expert proven DIY appliance repair tips.

What does a Furnace consist of ?

A furnace is an appliance fired by gas, oil, or wood in which air or water is heated to be circulated throughout a building in a heating system.  Furnaces have been around for centuries. With modern advances clean efficient heat can be maintained year round.  A furnace is either powered by natural gas or electricity. Most older properties are heated by gas furnaces.  A furnace is made of 4 major components. The heat exchanger, burner/pilot light,manifold,and thermostat. The heat exchanger is the core of the furnace.  In electric furnaces this component is called a heating element. The heating element is a series of coils that heat up one by one when directed by the thermostat.The burner/pilot light is what heats up the air in the furnace. The manifold connects burners to gas valve in gas furnaces . The thermostat regulates  the temperature in your home.

Common Furnace Problems and what you can do to fix them. Try these tips before calling a technician. 

1.Common Furnace Problems:Circuit Breaker Problems ?

You need heat in your home. There are a few reasons why this common furnace problem would occur. You have to confirm that  your thermostat is set to heat. Then move the dial up or down to notice any discernible difference.   Worst case scenario your circuit breaker is blown.

   Test Circuit Breaker

  •  Manually test the breaker.
  • Make sure the breaker is in the on position.
  • This should reset the breaker.
  • If the problem continues then replace the circuit breaker.


2.Common Furnace Problems:Blower Runs Continuously ?

A Blower that is constantly running can be a dangerous hazard for your home. It is either caused by the thermostat or the limit switch. Your blower fan is what pulls the uncomfortable air out of your home. Then it goes through your furnace to be recirculated in your home.  This common furnace problem should be solved ASAP.


  • Check the thermostat to see if the Fan switch has been turned on.
  • When you’ve flipped the thermostat switch to “on” it will temporarily run your blower fan for increased air circulation.
  • If it is on then switch to auto or off.
  • To accomplish this the furnace limit switch has to be adjusted.
  • To adjust the limit switch follow the instructions in the owner’s manual.

3.Common Furnace Problems:Furnace Does Not Blow Air, or blows cold air ?

If  there is no air blowing then heat won’t flow through your home. The  furnace’s motor runs but the blower doesn’t move air, the belt that connects the two probably has broken.


  • Replacement of the furnace motor is a quick process.
  • Turn off power to the unit and turn off the gas valve.
  • Remove the furnace cabinet door to find the blower.
  • Get the serial number on the belt.
  • You can find a replacement belt at a HVAC supply store.
  • Install the new belt on the motor pulley then the blower pulley.
  • Rotate the blower pulley so the belt stays on.
  • Re-tighten the belt.
  • Follow all the manufacturer guidelines in terms of oiling the components.

 4.Common Furnace Problems:Furnace cycles on and off too often ?

This is common furnace problem caused either the thermostat,low air flow or flame sensor.


If the thermostat is causing the problem, then the thermostat will need to be fixed. Often times a new set of batteries is all it needs.

If low airflow is causing the problem, then check your air filters. the filters will become dirty and clogged, which means the heat exchanger retains heat and eventually causes it to overheat.  Change air filters every 90 days to prevent this.

Common Furnace Problems

5.Common Furnace Problems: Furnace not working ?

If you have a gas furnace then you may have experience no gas flame. This can be caused by a clogged hole.


  • Turn off the gas to the furnace.
  • Clear the hole with a piece of thin wire.
  • Shut off the switch or circuit breaker that controls power to the furnace.

Common Furnace Problems

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