Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal is a very important kitchen appliance. It makes cleaning the kitchen hassle free and is also very good for our environment.   Not to mention the operating cost can be a few dollars a year. Residential garbage disposals usually retail from $65.00 – $115.00 dollars making it a inexpensive appliance to have in your kitchen.

What does a garbage disposal consist of ?

Usually installed under a kitchen sink. They are sold usually by horsepower starting from 1/3 to 1 horsepower. They  are cost effective and  have a simple layout.  Layout consist of a  motor with blades. The blades rotate when the motor is turned on so that you can grind and dispose of food waste.

What can’t be used with the garbage disposal?

  • Non food items – Such as plates, glass, forks, and spoons. Before you grind up the waste, make sure that only food residue is inside the garbage disposal
  • Grease – Since it solidifies when it cools down , it can cause a big problem.
  • Thick Peels – for example potato, lettuce, kale, chard, artichokes, and asparagus. Avoid at all cost!
  • Rice and Pasta – these can cause a backup in the drain line.
  • Coffee remains – also tend to get caught in the trap causing a backup.
  • Bones – Due to their natural hardness – they can cause blades to dull.
  • Any pits – Since these are solids, it can also cause a backup.
  • Eggshells -Better to throw them out in the garbage can to avoid a backup.

Garbage Disposal

Common garbage disposal issues and what you can do to fix them. Try these tips before calling a technician.

  1. Disposal is not turning on
  • Make sure it is plugged in. If it is hardwired ensure the breaker is turned on.
  • Try pushing the reset button usually on the bottom of the disposal.  Sometimes disposals over amp and shut off as a security precaution.

Garbage Disposal

  1. Disposal is humming but not turning on
  • This may be due to a jam. NEVER stick your hand down the disposal to clear the jam.  First ensure that the disposal is turned off and breaker is off.  Then get the hex wrench that came with the disposal or buy one at a local hardware if that’s easier. On the Bottom of the disposal, you can see a flywheel, turn the wrench clockwise to free up the blades. Then reset the disposal and run water through.


Garbage Disposal


  • Sometimes you have to remove the disposal to clear any particles that were too big to go down your plumbing line. The average handyman can do this usually in about 20 minutes.


Garbage Disposal

  • If that doesn’t solve the trick, then chances are you need a new disposal. Luckily for you, it is inexpensive.
  1. Something was put in by accident
  • Mistakes happen – If an item was put in by accident, first don’t panic. Turn the unit off and ensure breaker is off. Then you can use Tongs or pliers to remove that item. NEVER USE YOUR HANDS.
  1. Disposal works but it is grinding poorly
  • First make sure you are using enough water when using the disposal and only putting materials that belong in the garbage disposal.
  • Sometimes it can also be that the blades are broken. If that’s the case, it is advisable and cheaper just to replace the whole disposal . New units retail from $65 – $115

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