The last thing anybody needs is an a.c. blowing warm air or not working at all.  Most of the time, it is a quick fix. We recommend reviewing the following steps before calling a licensed Hvac company. Sometimes it is as simple as breaker was turned off or the thermostat wasn’t set to “auto”.

An A.C. is a very sophisticated system. Most homes have an outside condenser and indoor air handler.  The condenser consist of many parts to get you the cold air you need. Important parts include  condenser fan motor, blower motor, thermostat, capacitors, relays, contactors, start assist, hard starts, thermostats, switches, transformers,  and control boards. Condensers are sold in “Tons”, the higher the ton means the bigger and more capacity the a.c. can handle. Also an important factor is efficient commonly referred to “seer”, the higher the seer the more efficient the system is.

We would like to state the obvious that only licensed well qualified technicians should work on your A.C.  System.  Below we have put together some common issues that any handyman can attempt to fix before calling in the professional. Of-course if you don’t know what you are doing – leave it to the pros!


Why is my A.C. not blowing any air ?

  • First you have to ensure that your thermostat is set to “cool” with the proper temperature. As well as fan mode should be set to “Auto”.


  • Check out all the vents to make sure they are open in the area you would like air.

  • It may be due to a clogged filter. Make sure the filter is in place and proper airflow is coming out.

  • Sometimes, cleaning the filter isn’t enough. If you don’t remember the last time you hired a technician to perform the annual maintenance – it’s time to do so as soon as possible.  The technician will ensure your unit is clean for the season use. These cleanings are very important and ensure your air conditioning works under normal pressures efficiently.

  • Sometimes the A.C. is blowing warm air because there is a lack of refrigerant which is also called “freon”. We suggest getting a licensed technician to check out the proper freon levels and to make sure there is no leak.

Why is my A.C. not turning on ?

  • First thing is to make sure the breaker is turned on to the unit. As well as thermostat is turned on.
  • Next is to make sure the disconnect switch near your a.c. is also turned on.

  • Make sure your drain line and pan doesn’t have backed up water. A safety sensor switch will turn off your unit if it senses water backing up. The sensor switch is designed to save you from expensive water damage.

  • As explained above, sometimes it will shut off it it needs a full maintenance. With all the dust, grime, and dirt buildup, it will shut off as a security precaution.  Kind of like a car in need of a dire oil change, if the oil is very dirty, that will cause the engine to stall and eventually shut off.

Why is my A.C. leaking water ?

  • The most common cause is due to backed up drain line and pan. The line can get clogged overtime due to algae and mold growth. To ensure water drains properly,  what needs to be done is to blow out your drain lines.  If you are handy, you can follow the steps here to blow out your line.  You will need some towels, a wet/dry vacuum cleaner (shop-vac), and some bleach to pour down after you clear the line.  If the backup is worse then you thought, it is advisable to call a hvac technician.

  • This may also be due to your A.C. freezing up. Once it is thawed out, it will leak all the water. If the maintenance is not the cause, then chances are you might have a Freon leak. Be sure to turn off your machine and get it checked that out with the proper professional

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  1. Daphne Gilpin says:

    Thanks for explaining that if our AC isn’t blowing any air and cleaning the filter doesn’t work, we should find a technician to hire as soon as possible to ensure the unit is clean. It just started getting warm enough that I want to use the AC, but I noticed that it was blowing hardly any air at all when I switched it on. I’m glad I read your article because now I feel a lot more knowledgeable and prepared to talk with and AC repair technician about what the problem could be!

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