Pools and Spas can be used year round in Florida and Texas. The benefits of having a pool or spa is immense. Engaging in an aerobic activity like swimming helps people lose weight and increase blood circulation. While using a home spa is like having a hydro therapist on call 24/7. A hot tub can relieve tension, stress and minor aches and pains especially for those suffering from arthritis and Fibromyalgia. Over time your pool or spa will need repairs. Here are a few DIY pool repairs you can do without the help of a repairman.

What does a pool/spa consist of ?

A  pool consists of few components. The pool water, pool liner, filter ,skimmer. The pool water should be clean with the appropriate  Ph level.  The filter system is like the liver of the pool. It clears the pool of any contaminants. A pool filter is either cartridge,sand,or diatomaceous earth. Pool skimmers are another tool to keep your pool clean.

A spa is similar to a pool. The major components are the hot tub body,pump,filter ,air induction system and heater.

Pool Problems can be prevented with pool maintenance.Pool Maintenance can be broken into  3 areas. Regular maintenance, Pool Opening, and Pool Closing. Regular Pool Maintenance involves cl

Pool Maintenance

Cleaning the pool consist of maintaining the appropriate ph level. A 25-lb. container of 3-inch chlorine tablets costs about $60 to $7 but may save you hundreds in hiring a pool professional to clean stagnant unsafe pool water.On a daily basis as a pool owner is simply skimming the water for debris . skimmer is a fine mesh net attached to a long pole. Use it to remove floating debris, such as leaves and drowned insects.  There is also inspecting the water level. Water level naturally goes down because of evaporation. However it can be a sign of a possible leak. Every week the ph level should be tested and the pool surface vacuumed.The bottom and sides need to be swept. Brush once a week before vacuuming to loosen particles for the vacuum to pick up.

Opening a Pool at the start of the season can involve the following. Removing the cover, reassembling the filter system, measuring the ph, and refilling the pool. It may cost $60-$120 to fill 15,000 to 30,000 gallon pool with municipal water. Reopening a pool starts by clearing the debris. Refill the water to the appropriate level. Test the water ph and shock it to make sure the water is safe for swimming. Finally turn on the pump and leave it running for 24 hours a day.

Pool winterization or pool closing  is important in maintaining a pool year round. The  water can’t just be dumped.  Proper pool winterization consists of shocking the water,lowering the water levels,cleaning,back washing the filter,clearing water lines ,and installing the cover.If you live in a freezing climate, you will have to perform winterization tasks.  Remove water from the plumbing with an air compressor and drain as much as you can from the filter and the heater. A lot of pool problems  arise from improper winterization.

Spas require maintenance like pools. This means the water every 3-4 months, the filters every 6-18 months, check the PH balance at least once a week, clean the ring that forms around the hot tub, and once a year change the UV bulb that kills bacteria.

Common Pool Problems

 Pool Problems:Water Level

A pool can lose water both through natural evaporation and from people splashing and getting in and out. Check the water level every time you skim the surface and clean the baskets. Do not allow it to fall below the skimmer basket intake tubes. This can ruin the pump. If the water is low, use a garden hose to fill to the appropriate level.

 Pool Problems: is too high or too low

Pool Chemistry is simpler than academic chemistry. 7 is neutral and the average ph for water. A ph that is too high (basic) or too low (acidic) can damage your pool and your loved ones. Solution: Use a home testing kit and follow directions to add chemicals to neutralize the water. Some of the chemicals used are muriatic acid and soda ash. Muriatic Acid lowers ph levels and protects your pool against bacteria blooms. While  Soda Ash aka sodium bicarbonate neutralizes strong acids. Too much of either substance can clog your drains and cause more pool problems.

 Pool Problems: Ammonia Build up

Ammonia can build up in your pool over time. The main solution is using chlorine to eliminate the ammonia. This process is called shocking and can be done on an occasional basis.

 Pool Problems:Leaks

If you notice your water level fluctuating you may have a leak.  Fill a bucket 3/4 full and mark the water line on the inside. Float it and wait 2 days to notice any differences. If the water lines are the same you are losing water to evaporation.  If there is a difference between the water line in the bucket and in the pool then the pool has a leak. Leaks

Solution:  Patching  a vinyl liner is simple and can save you hundreds of dollars. A DIY patch kit will set you back $20. You can find a patch kit on amazon.

Pool Problems

Common Spa Problems

Leaking spa  pump seal

Leaks aren’t just a pool problem they are spa problems too. They happen where the motor shaft meets the wet end.

Solution: Replace the entire wet end. This is everything in front of the motor. You can find parts on hayward pool supplies.

Hot tub ozonator

It is a filter system for hot tubs.  Ozone is produced by the UV bulb and delivered via an ozone injector. Ozone production will deplete and eventually go down to zero.

Solution: Replace the ozonator every year to ensure adequate ozone production.

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