Everyone wants a spotless home but it is difficult to maintain. So, this article is rightly set for you. We have prepared this article by putting together a few certain home cleaning tips. All tips are easiest, quickest and good for price fraction.  Many things are usable that you have in your kitchen like lemon and vinegar even tin foils are usable too in home cleaning. With these natural things, you will get your home spotless and clean and your cleaning activity will not be time-consuming.

Use wet rubber gloves 

Wet rubber gloves are the best and cheapest way to remove the pet hairs from curtains and sofas. Besides the curtains and sofas, these gloves are useable at soft furnishings things in your home decoration. Simply wear these gloves and drag on the furniture or other household equipment that you want to clean. It is an effective way to remove animals’ fur even cleaning your trousers is easier with wet rubber gloves. 

The flip flop is usable to remove pet hair

If you don’t have washing up gloves then use flip flop for the cleanliness of your soft furnishings. It will work well to remove pets’ hair or pets’ fur.

The coffee filter is effective to clean glass and mirrors

Coffee is a thing that gets you out of the bed. Now, in this article, you will discover that coffee offers you more services. For grubby windows, you don’t need any other chemicals. You just need to put a coffee filter in your hands and drag it on glass windows. Amazingly, it will work like a wipe to remove dust and stains from the glass and will make it sharply shinning. 

Use tights for vacuum cleaner’ hovering nozzle 

You have laddered tights and you want to throw away them. These small things could save money. Your vacuum cleaner contains a hovering nozzle and doesn’t want to use it anymore. Keep a pair of tights over the hovering nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. This easiest tip will improve the working of your vacuum cleaner. While cleaning, it will catch the hair bands and other bits and bobs before they get sucked away.  

Use luck warm water with lemon juice to clean microwave  

In your daily routines, you need to use your microwave repeatedly. Too many food explosions make it little bit unsanitary. Don’t get panic, it will be cleaned as a new one with no struggle. Just take a cup of luck warm water and mix well 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. A little pinch of salt will also work greatly in this water. Just spread this liquid in the microwave and leave it for 5 minutes with a closed door.  After the 5 minutes, easily wipe down it and it will smell clean and fresh.

Reuse cleaning sponges 

Most of the people are used to throw away the old bathroom and kitchen cleaning sponges and buy a new one. It’s just a way to add up more money in your budget. These sponges are reusable by passing them through a simple process. Keep your microwave on high setting and then put the sponges inside the microwave. You will need a pinch of salt, lemon and a little quantity of water. Just leave it for few seconds into the oven. After that, you will get the sponges fresh and there will be no bacteria and no irritating smell.

Use vinegar to remove limescale from the showerhead  

You are looking for a natural and cheapest home remedy to cleaning your home from top to bottom. In that instance, vinegar will help you a lot. For cleaning any type of limescale, just mix the vinegar into hot water.If you want to clean limescale from your shower head then put it into that mixture. You will find your shower head clean and shiny.

Baby oil is effective to remove fingerprints from stainless steel

Baby oil is not only using for soothing and smoothing the skin. It greatly helps to remove the fingerprints from the stainless steel. With baby oil, you will be able to lift Greece up from anywhere.Using baby oil is the easiest way to clean all the stainless steel appliances in your home. You will need to apply a little quantity of baby oil on the appliance and just wipe it out. 

Cleaning bathroom with an old toothbrush

You don’t need to throw away your old toothbrush into the bin. An old toothbrush is an effective tool just rinse it deeply in hot water to kill the mouth germs and bacteria. After that, use this toothbrush to the nooks and corners, where your vacuum cleaner is unable to reach. It is especially a perfect handy to reach the areas of washroom like taps’ bottom and drain.

Use a fabric softener sheet to keep your bin smell free 

You are tired to clean your bin and smell is still coming out. It is just irritating that how many times, you need to wash it. You only need to put a fabric softener along with sprinkling an air freshener on it. You could freely experience other scent varieties too. 

This is a guest post by Sonia from home product reviews  with some helpful tips on managing home accessories.

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