retro fit air conditioning

Central air conditioning is necessary all year round in Texas and several southern states. 110 degree weather days can be harmful to your health without an air conditioned home.  Temperatures that high can also put stress on older HVAC systems. Summer is slowing fading.   While in the cooler months it is a great time to consider retro fit air conditioning.

Reasons for retro fit air conditioning

Older homes have a certain appeal. They don’t build homes like they did in the past. Older homes tend to have outdated systems that are in need of repair or  replacement . An older HVAC don’t have  efficiency and end up making your home warmer than it should be. Older homes can’t keep up with the electrical needs of today’s appliances. Circuit Breakers in older homes may not be sturdy and should be upgraded with the rest of the home’s electrical system .

Your HVAC System

Depending on the size of your property you may have forced air system or a electric baseboard system . Forced air system is an HVAC system that uses ducts to cool or heat air in the home. This is by far the most common type of HVAC system in the US.  They are powered by either electricity or gas. If you have a heat pump then you have a forced air system in your home. For retrofitting a forced air system the first step is getting ducts inspected . Essential modifications for  forced air retro fit air conditioning are upsizing the furnace blower, sealing the ducts and swapping out older supply registers.Electric Baseboard/Boiler Systems don’t have ducts . The process of retrofitting  with ductwork is an expensive process that can run you back $7000- 10,000.  There must necessary space in the attic or basement to run these ducts.  Ducts tend to be  12 x 6 inches or 10 x8 inches. Another way to retrofit an air conditioner is installing a Ductless AC.  A Ductless AC or Ductless mini split consists of an outdoor compressor and  wall units  . This is a great option if you have rooms that need extra cooling. The last option is a high-velocity system. It is a smaller and more durable system than standard forced air systems. It is the most expensive option well over $15,000.  High-velocity systems use aspiration, which creates air currents that constantly re-adjust the temperature of your rooms to match your desired temperature.What offsets the large upfront cost is the lower energy costs,Less humidity,faster heating or cooling,easier to install than traditional ductwork and less noise than traditional Air conditioners. One of the main charms with high velocity Air Conditioning is being non invasive- ducts are only  2 inches in diameter. You can enjoy cool air while preserving the rustic charm of your older home.Either System can be the right for your home. There is some expenses that come with retrofitting. Adding ducts and  upgrading electrical panels are necessary costs  for years of comfort.

Other Considerations For Retro Fit Air Conditioning 

Most homes can be retrofitted for A/C.   You should retrofit based on what you currently have. If you have a forced air heating system then the job should be quick within 24 hours. Baseboard retro fit air conditioning is a complex process. Adding ductwork does take more time.


retro fit air conditioning


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