People always say that there is nothing permanent in this world except change. This is true, as we grow old, we develop certain skills and interests. Some of us develop skills in cooking, some would be into the arts, and some would be very meticulous when it comes to financial matters. Along with us growing old, are financial milestones that are different for all of us. As we start earning money, we start investing and one surefire way to grow our money is by investing in properties.

Just like any piece of property, your house depreciates as it ages, but the value of the land it’s sitting on appreciates throughout the years. While you may still be enjoying the comfort it provides, you must always look at the bigger scheme of things. For whatever reason, there might come a day that you may want to sell your property. When this moment comes, it would be most beneficial to sell your home at an optimum rate.

Letting time pass is an effortless way to enhance the price of your property, but it is not a guarantee that you will be able to sell it at your preferred cost. To further improve your chances of getting a good deal, you must preserve and maintain the house and/or unit itself.  Whether you’re looking to sell your property soon or if you just want to change the overall vibe and mood of your place, there are many to increasing your home’s value today.

(Spoiler alert, you do not need a time machine to do any of these!)

Finding ways to sell your house/unit at a higher cost is easier and more affordable to do than what most people think. Often, the first thing that comes to mind when people are looking to sell their property is that they need to spend money on renovating, expanding, and providing better appliances and furniture. While this is true to a certain extent, this option may be unaffordable for many and may cause a hole in the pockets of those who do it.

Another very important thing to consider is the security that you’ll be giving your potential buyers. Sure, most of them have insurance and have already discussed their life insurances with their families, but by providing safety you’re making sure that your buyers will receive only the best quality of the property from you. How do you do it? Look for real estate developers that you know are strictly following the Structural Code in whichever country you’re in and put them at the top of your list when trying to sell your property.

Decorating, cleaning, and properly maximizing the use of space, are all simple and affordable money hacks guaranteed to help you get the most of your money. You don’t need to spend too much to improve the quality of your home. By knowing your property inside and out, it will be easier for you to market its strengths and address concerns that may turn off potential buyers.

Start organizing your finances and prepare to do some work! Look at this infographic for more details.


Oscar Florea is a content contributor for Avida’s lifestyle blog Pursuit of Passion. He is an engineer by profession but a multipotentialite by destiny. Just like a normal dude in a basketball-crazy country, one of his passions is shooting hoops. Grant Hill is the older brother he never had.

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