Your gutters prevent runoff from building up on your roof.  Cleaning gutters isn’t what most people do in the holiday season . It is a relatively simple and vital task that can improve your home. A dirty gutter can damage your roof ,build mold and allow pests into your home. Runoff from gutters means water getting to your foundation and your basement. You should clean your gutters twice a year. In spring and fall. The gutter cleaning process must start immediately if you have clogged gutters . For a small home, gutter cleaning may only take 30-60 minutes to complete. Here is an overview of gutter cleaning



This is one of the few household chores that requires safety precautions. Here at Pride Home Warranty, we don’t recommend cleaning gutters yourself. A ladder is required for the job.  In order to clean your gutters, you must climb a ladder which can lead to serious injuries. Especially if you are cleaning during precipitation. There is also a risk of pests. Bees, birds, opossums and in some parts of the country reptiles can be lurking in your gutter system. Thankfully there are many specialists that deal with gutter cleaning. They have extensive knowledge of other possible problems like rotting fascia board or leaking gutters.



If you are interested to cleaning your gutters yourself . Couple of things you should know, when using an extension ladder ,use a stabilizer for safety and easily attach to the ladder. A blower, a hose, and a good pair of gloves is all you need.  First clean the downspout removing any twigs, leaves and dirt. Flush out any other debris. If the water doesn’t drain properly through the downspout, there is probably a clog. Be carefully in removing the clog if you use too much force you will damage your roof. Remove the end of the downspout and flush with water.If there is mulch in your gutter use a blower. It is possible to clean your gutters without a ladder. It requires a gutter wand and a hose. Long term maintenance can be improved with a gutter cover. The grid design of a gutter cover allows water to pass through but doesn’t let larger debris to go inside your gutter.

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