Every homeowner should look into home inspections. They are a great investment for your property. A home inspection is an all-encompassing examination of the condition of a home. There are two common inspections residential or pest inspection. A home inspection is a visual inspection of the accessible items and components in a home. Items that are included and excluded are specifically stated in the Inspection Agreement that the client signs prior to the inspection. Their purpose is to provide the buyer or seller with an unbiased 3rd party opinion of the condition of the home. Which is extremely important during buying/selling a home. In event of a problem a home inspector will refer you to a specialist to repair what is wrong.

Finding a Home Inspector

You can search on home advisor or rely on family and friends for recommendations. Interview potential inspectors before hiring one. Ask about their experience and whether they’re familiar with the type of home you’re buying. Find out what will be included in the inspection and report. Your home inspector will inspect your Electrical system, Plumbing system,HVAC system,Infrastructure,Windows, Roofing , Attic and Doors.

Buyers + Sellers

If you are buying a home that has a problem. You have 3 options, proceed with no repairs, ask the seller to do the repairs or leave the contract.  If you are selling your home a home inspector can accurately assess your home value. Repairs and a home warranty with your home can make it easier to sell. If you decide on a home warranty during the selling process, then the coverage transfers to buyer on the closing date. Typically at closing is when customers purchase their home warranty coverage.

Home Warranties

A Home Warranty offers peace of mind to seller/ buyer during and after the selling process. It provides very good coverage of home systems . It is important to read the terms and conditions before you purchase the coverage. Systems must be maintained through routine maintenance. Home Inspections don’t come with home warranties. However here at pride home warranty we have technicians that can assess any problem in your home. Home warranties can be paid by the Seller, Buyer, and even Real Estate Agents involved.


Having a Pride Home Warranty can take the hassle out of your next covered repair.  GET A FREE QUOTE

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