The year is ending soon. Many people are preparing for the holidays. Some people are repairing their home and preparing for tax season. Renovations during the winter months is more accessible than in the warmer months. Less demand for renovations and various contractors are always willing to earn extra money for the holiday season.  Renovations can be affordable if you organizer your time ,money and know what you want. Here are a few guidelines on home renovation on a budget.

Rule of Thumb: Make a list of repairs you need and know your construction goals.

When it comes to renovation  it is important to assess your goal with the project. A full bathroom remodeling with marble floors and Italian fixtures will set you back $20,000+ .While you may just need a new toilet even an expensive TOTO or Kohler model may cost a few thousand dollars but installation is less than $300. It is also important to classify repairs as either cosmetic,functional or both. Painting your home is cosmetic but can easily add thousands of value when it comes to selling your home. Installing a Central AC will as well add value to your property. Also small things like remodeling a kitchen sink to a counter bar is an example of a cosmetic and functional repair that greatly improves the overall experience of your home.

Hiring Contractors

Most Contractors are hardworking and honest  people. However there are horror stories of people getting ripped off.  You can find great contractors on Home Advisor or ask your friends,family,and coworkers for any suggestions.  Contractors tend to overbook themselves and need to change timelines around last minute. Create a timeline for when you want all your repairs done. Schedule your appointments after your closing date if you recently bought your property.


Necessary Purchases

Purchase the “finishes” (i.e. toilets, faucets, sinks, etc.) yourself to save your contractor time and so he knows what he is installing before he begins the job. Ask your contractor for his supplier list. They usually have a relationship and get cheaper items much faster than you could find as a customer. Save yourself both time and money by being wary of special order materials.


Your contractor should give you a payment schedule if it’s a big and thorough project.  A Lot of banks and financial institutions offer a line of credit for construction. Also as a great texture and avoid delays, Try to pay your contractor on time.


Save your paperwork for any invoices and receipts. As well as any extended warranties you might of purchased. Getting a home warranty is suggestible for the peach of mind and avoiding unexpected repair bills.


It is important to maintain a courteous and professional relationship with your contractor. It is a mutually beneficial relationship that helps you will quality work and savings and the contractor with income and word of mouth referrals. Trust is vital in the home renovation industry. Some homeowners prefer to pay more for a contractor you trust than a contractor you don ‘t trust with a lower quote. Point out both the good and bad of their work.

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