With temperatures rising and heat waves across the country, what better way to spend an afternoon then in your backyard! Most people love firing up the BBQ grill, hanging around the patio, or enjoying an afternoon swim. However, with mosquito season around, we find ourselves running for shelter to avoid those irritable bites and bumps. To enjoy the summer properly and avoid the itching, read here how to avoid mosquitoes and stop them in their tracks.

Good To Know Facts

  • Mosquitoes can carry and transmit harmful diseases such as West Nile Virus, Zika, and other harmful viruses.
  • There are more then 3,400 species.
  • Only females bite due to the need of protein from blood to develop their eggs. Males can survive on other forms such as flower nectar.
  • Mosquitoes follow the scent of your breath (carbon monoxide).

Stop mosquitoes  in their tracks, try these plants as a natural repellent

1. Citronella -This scent  is commonly used  in mosquito repellent candles. It is a low budget plant and requires very little maintenance.

2. Basil – This plant is just as delicious in the kitchen as it is effective in keeping mosquitoes away. Try leaving basil in a gallon of water to deter any unwanted eggs near your property.

3. Lavender – Most people use lavender during bath time. However, this also works in repelling pesky misquotes, moths, spiders, flies, and fleas.

Tips to having a clean free Mosquito home

  1. Drain any standing water around the home.
  2. Clean any swampy or wet areas around the lawn / backyard.
  3.  Make sure all windows and doors have screens in working order.


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