Clearing Ice Facts

Below 10 degrees Fahrenheit weather is sweeping the nation. There is less than 2 months of winter left. De-icing your driveway is tedious but a necessary task.

How To Clear Ice On Driveway SaltsClear Ice

Salts are more than what you put on fries. They are chemical compounds with a lot of use. Table salt is effective in defrosting ice.  However if the weather is similar to that of a polar vortex than you will need heavy duty materials. Magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, or other salts are great choices.  After  heavy snow or below freezing temperatures the ground can be covered in dense ice. It is hard to scrap with a shovel. Salt is the only option.Salt can have a negative effect on plants and infrastructure. Keep salt away from pets.  Contact with salt can cause skin irritation. Purchase salt in the slow season.

Calcium Chloride

  • Fast Acting.
  • Affordable $20 for a 50 lb bag.

Calcium Magnesium Acetate

  • It is safe  for plants.
  • Not effective below 20 F.

Magnesium Chloride 

  • It is effective below freezing temperatures.
  • Not safe for pets.

Potassium Chloride

  •   Most expensive option for salt.
  •  Not safe from pets.

Rock salt (Sodium Chloride)

  • It damages various textures.
  • Not as efficient as the other salts.

How To Clear Ice On Driveway Procedure

  • Winter can be unforgiving in the North East and Midwest.
  • First step to clear ice is to shovel as much snow as much as possible. If there is residual snow some of it may melt but refreeze as denser ice.
  • Second step apply salt to the lightly snowed areas.
  • Third step remove ice with a shovel.
  • Fourth step reapply after a few hours.

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