Slab FoundationSlab Foundation Pros And Cons

Slab Foundations are vital to various homes in the South. A crack in slab foundation is a problem .  Cracks are common due to moisture and temperature. Freezing temperatures tend to cause the foundation to shift. Slab foundations are more resistant to flooding or radon gas than other foundations.Truly severe cracks are over 1 inch in size .This is a major structural concern.  Slab cracks are expensive to repair. Here are a few ways to fix your  slab foundation without breaking the bank.


Natural Disasters, Plumbing leaks, and Poor Drainage are some of the causes for cracks in slab foundation. If the soil is even under your foundation then you won’t have any problems. There are 2 main types of cracks shrinkage cracks and settlement cracks . Shrinkage cracks are cosmetic not structural problems. Settlement cracks are more pervasive. Either low quality Slab material or external forces like water. Concrete is very durable but far from indestructible. Hairline cracks are very thin.Certain Areas are more affected by foundation damage. Houston Texas is known for clay. This clay after Hurricane Harvey damaged the foundations of many homes.  This with the fact that homes had poor drainage and the clay in the soil absorbs moisture made flooding lasts for weeks . Elevating your home above the floodplain is recommended for anyone who lives near a hurricane prone area.  Oklahoma has similar clay content in the soil. Soil expansion and Contraction causes wear and tear on foundation.   In Mississippi the yazoo clay in Jackson is expansive clay. Sand can be as destructive as clay. Rock is the best soil for foundation support. However America has such a diverse range of landscapes not every city has stable foundations.

Slab Foundation Repair

If you suspect your foundation is cracked. Consult a foundation repair company or structural engineer.  This is important if you plan to sell your home in the near future.  There are 2 ways to fix your foundation Slab Jacking and piering. Smaller jobs will require slabjacking. For large properties piering will be used. The point is lifting and stabilizing foundations and preventing further water damage.

Pride Home Warranty and Cracked Slabs

Home Warranties offer great protection under service agreements. They are a perfect for new homeowners. Here at Pride Home Warranty we like to get to the root of the problem. If you need coverage on your home appliances and systems look below.

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Having a Pride Home Warranty can take the hassle out of your next covered repair.


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