How To Heat A Sun room During Winter

Sun rooms are great in the summer. A perfect oasis from the heat and pests. In winter time they can be overwhelmingly cold.Heating a sun room consists of insulation and extra sources of heat.  Climate control is important.  Here are a few tips to heat your sun room this winter.


Most sun rooms are made for 3 seasons. You can insulate your sun room by weatherstripping around the windows. Apply a layer of insulation to all windows.  Use Caulk to cover up any holes.Glass isn’t an effective insulator.  However Double Pane Glass is superior to regular in insulating rooms.Tinting on windows can prevent heat from escaping.  Use your ceiling fan .  Circulating the warm air will lower heating costs.Drapes hold in heat during the winter and prevents excess sunlight in winter.  Thick rug or carpet will keep the heat in the room.


A more energy efficient sun room can make use of the winter sunlight to warm up the space. This is only if your property is fortunate enough to get ample sunlight. A simple solution is keeping a door open in your sun room to allow heat from your home to seep in. The best solution is adding another heater to the sun room. Extending the duct work into your sun room will be the most costly option. It will require a HVAC specialist to improve your sun room.It will give you the ability to control the temperature from your thermostat.Installing a separate HVAC System may be the 2nd most expensive option.  Ductless systems are the best for climate control.Lastly adding a ventless fireplace is not only a great aesthetic choice but a great way to warm up your room.

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