The first week of the New Year is a great time. It is a time for New Year Resolutions. It is also a time for massive cleaning. Mold/ Mildew is a common household problem. It is a type of fungus that grows from microscopic spores floating in the air.  These spores are everywhere and contribute to the flow of nutrients in fertile soil.  It is harmful to homeowners due to the damage these spores pose on structures and human life. There are numerous species of fungi. Most household mold can be traced to these 5 species; Aspergillus, Penicillium, Cladosporium, Alternaria, and Stachybotrys. If stopped early it is a simple problem to eradicate . This isn’t like fire. There isn’t an alarm to detect mold. You need to look at the signs.

Here are a few signs that might tell you that you have mold in your home.  


There is a distinct smell that mold/mildew emits while it grows. It is not a pleasant smell. It is a damp and musty smell. This is one of the warning signs.Musty odors can also originate from your washing machine. Check your washing machine and eliminate musty odors with an air purifier.



Visible signs

Fungi is formed by water. Excess water in your home is the breeding ground for fungi spores. It is important to inspect your bathrooms and any room adjacent to a water source.  A telltale sign of mold growth is discoloration in wall paper. Mold typically has a blackish or greenish color. Smaller mold infestations look like dirt. Crackling and bubbling of paint shows moisture has gotten in your home. Mildew is essentially early stage mold. It has more of a powdery appearance. Invest in a mold/mildew inspector to get an accurate assessment of the fungi.


This is a huge problem in any home that survived a hurricane. Mold can spread quickly after flooding. Water damage can be irreversible at that point. Many homes in Houston was demolished after Hurricane Harvey as the water damage ravaged the homes.  A water damage specialist can identify the degree of water damage in your home.

Health Symptoms

The Fungi growth causes sinus problems . Sneezing ,red eyes and runny noses can be allergic reactions to fungi growth. Some of the more serious symptoms are skin inflammation, hemorrhage,Nausea, Internal Organ Damage and Fatigue. Consult a medical professional if you have any of these symptoms.


The only way to return yourself to health is to remove fungi from your environment.Some of the symptoms from fungi can be permanent. For some mold growth use gloves and eye protection. Scrub the fungi growth away with water and detergent. If it spread to any fabric then destroy the fabric. We always recommend hiring  the right specialist.


Keep your home dry. The areas most at risk are the kitchen and the bathroom.  There is some risk with your washing machine. A dehumidifier will keep fungi from growing. As long as your home ‘s humidity level is around 40%-50%.  Lastly invest in an air purifier as they can remove fungi spores from the air.

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