Nobody wants their whole home smelling like dinner. Especially when it comes to frying chicken, fish, and vegetables.  What is worse is when it sticks to your clothes and won’t come off! That is where the range hood vent is designed. It  vent away bad cooking odors, grease, smoke, and also moisture. I mean who doesn’t love a good smelling kitchen ?

Ducted or vented range hoods sends the bad smells to the outside leaving you with a fresh smelling kitchen.  They are sold usually by inches  and CFM (cubic feet per minute). For the heavy cookers, it is suggested to go with at least 350 CFM.  However keep in mind, the stronger the hood is, the more noise it will make when being used. and  come in many sizes and designs. Including Under the cabinet, wall mounted range hood, downdraft hood, and insert range hood.  Some perks also include fan settings and lighting. If you ask anybody that has a hood vent – they will tell you how important it is!

Common issues that happen with range hood vents are:

  1. Why is my hood vent making a rattling noise?

  • Most likely there is a loose part. Be sure to turn it off and check all fasteners that they are in place.
  • If that is not the case, then that is an early sign that the motor will be burning out.


  1. Why is it not turning on ?

  • First thing is to ensure there is electricity going to the hood vent. Ensure that the breaker is not tripped. If you are very handy, check the fuse is not blown.
  • Since it is dealing with moisture, grease, and oil – it is fairly common to have burnt wiring. Turn off the power supply an remove the cover. If you visually see the wires not connected – we suggest hiring a technician to repair the wiring.

  1. Why is there water leaking from the hood vent?

  • This is perfectly normal and is usually due to a buildup of condensation. First is to remove the cover and clean the inside. You can check the manual on how to properly clean the hood vent.


Regular household repair breakdowns can’t be avoided. Avoid the hassle when your vent is not working by having a Pride Home Warranty. All covered repairs or replacement with the only out of pocket is a low deductible.


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