Christmas lights are beautiful this time of year.  Stores and Homes are beautifully transformed into winter wonderlands. However it can be a dangerous time for home fires. More than three thousand home fires are caused by extension cords according to Electrical Safety Foundation International. More fires happen in the winter than in the summer. Cooking unattended food, heating and Christmas lights are factors in these fires.


Pay attention

Four-seven percent of home fires start while cooking, according to the U.S. Fire Administration.  The holiday season is full of feasts. Preventative care can save lives. If you plan on cooking also plan on watching the stove. Keep pan lids at hand as they help slow the speed of kitchen fires. Once all the cooking is done turn off the burners. Make sure to keep a kitchen fire extinguisher that’s rated for all types of fires, and check that smoke detectors are working. If you are deep frying turkeys do it outside preferably 10-15 feet away from your property. Novice frying techniques can lead to severe burns



Indoor and Outdoor Decorations

People are more likely to use candles and ornamental lights in December than any other time of the year. Candles are only a real problem once they get in contact with something flammable. If you are worried about candle fire you can opt them out for led candles. The biggest fire hazard during the holiday season is a dry tree. Home fires can engulf a room in less than 30 seconds especially if the tree is near the fireplace. Fresh trees or artificial trees  take longer to burn. A fresh tree that is watered daily is hard to ignite. Keep the tree at least 3 feet way from any heat source. Whether you place lights inside or outside examine the lights. Expose wires in older Christmas lights can short circuit and cause fires. Use an outdoor extension cord to light up the exterior of your home. The best lights for Christmas lights are led lights. They are energy efficient and don’t produce as much heat as conventional lights. Get rid of your tree soon after the holidays.We all know someone who still has Christmas light in March. Christmas is a great time. After the gifts ,feast and family time is done then take out the tree. The tree will get drier over time and a potential fire hazard if you keep it in your home.


No Fireworks

Ringing in the New Year with fireworks has become a Global tradition. It should be left to the professionals. Fireworks are very dangerous and can severely maim people. Stick to public firework celebrations.

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