One of the most important appliance in the kitchen is the beloved Oven. Hey , everyone loves a home cooked meal, Am I right ?

Ranges come in either electric or natural gas. Some kitchens may have a cook top, free standing range, or a wall oven. They are different design but with the main purpose is to cook food. Is your oven not heating enough ? Or the burners won’t turn on? Some experience a door not closing ? Here are the common solutions to solve your oven problems. Try doing these steps before calling a licensed professional.

  1. Oven Problems:The oven door won’t shut ?
  • First thing is safety. Make sure it is off and unplugged. If it uses gas, make sure that is off too.
  • Ensure there is nothing blocking the door, sometimes the door gasket maybe compromised.
  • If the door gasket is fine, check the hinges and springs on our door. If they are broken, then it is available to change them asap.
  • Last but not least, your door sensor may be defective.

  1. Oven Problems:The oven door is not sealing properly ?
  • Most of the time that is due to a worn out seal or gasket. Replacing them is your next step and we suggest calling a licensed professional for that.

  1. Oven Problems:The oven light is not turning on ?
  • Usually that is due to a burnt out light bulb. Locate the bulb cover and try turning it counterclockwise to remove it.
  • Grab a dry cloth and remove the old bulb as if you would do with any other light bulb.
  • Locate the right light bulb and install it with a clean glove, then put back the bulb cover.

  1. Oven Problems: The burners are not lighting?
  • If you have a gas stove and your burners are not lighting, sometimes that is due to a spill that may occurred.
  • Make sure the oven is turned off and remove the burner grate, cap, or base.
  • Clean any food or spill with a toothpick or a dry cloth.
  • Sometimes it may be due a loose wire from your control board to your burners. If you know what you are doing, you can check to make sure there isn’t any shorted or loose wires.
  • At times, you may need new burners or check the gas line. We recommend getting professional for that repair.
  • If you have an electric stove, then you may need a new burner. Usually you can unplug the old burner and install the new one.
  • If the new burner doesn’t work, then you may need an infinite switch or an electrical socket.

  1. Oven Problems:The oven is not reaching the right temperature ?
  • Most of the time, that is due to a temperature sensor that is not working 100%. Ensure that the sensor is touching the walls of your oven.
  • Sometimes your oven has to be re-calibrated. Check your manual for more details.


  1. Oven Problems:The self clean is not working ?
  • A great setting to have on any oven. If your self-clean is not working, first thing is to check the door oven lock is working properly. That is a safety precaution manufactures install.
  • If the door lock is working, then it may be an internal issue. Call the pros for that because it can be due to many defective parts such as thermostat, wiring, thermal fuse, or control board and relays.

Sometimes if you have an issue with a rusted rack, oven is very old, or if there is rust buildup on the walls of the oven – your best bet is to have it replaced. It is much more cost efficient to do that. Having a Pride Home Warranty can save you when your oven stops working. You even get full replacements with our warranty. You can call us at 1855-774-3388 or GET A FREE QUOTE

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