Service America History

Service America was founded in 1973 and with its 45 year existence has built the blueprint that  various regional companies follow.  Though only in Florida, Service America  amassed over 50,000 subscribers at its peak.  As of October 2006, Service America Enterprise, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Colliers International Group Inc.Service America recently announced there are going out of business after a 40 year run.  It is tough to see a reputable local company go under.  Residents in Florida will greatly miss Service America .

Service America specialized in home repairs from air conditioning systems, heating, electrical, plumbing, water heater, and major home appliances. The affected employees include air conditioning installers, dispatchers, advisers, customer service representatives, accounting clerks, plumbers, and the company’s COO. The closure is set to occur on January 18, 2019, and Service America’s main office is at 2755 N.W. 63rd Court in Fort Lauderdale, Florida will be closed.

In the letter we received below, the letter states: “Despite best efforts to manage for success, we have faced difficult circumstances in a highly competitive market” by chief operating officer, Ken Stoll.

What happens to current policy holders of Service America ?

If a company closes down but hasn’t officially filed for bankruptcy, You should call or email Service America at 1800-884-3500 to get a refund. Based on the letter below, it seems that they are giving a prorated refund to all customers. We suggest to call them and make sure your are one of the customers that is due a credit.

Once a company goes out of business typically they will not honor their warranties and return policies. It depends on the company. As seen in the letter,All plans with Service America are effectively cancelled.  There will obviously be no renewals. All prepaid plans will be reimbursed. There are no more future service appointments unless you scheduled them before the closure announcement. If you are a current Service America Home Warranty customer you are in an uncertain position. Don’t worry  Service America  may be gone but Pride Home Warranty is here to help.

Service America going out of business

Here at Pride Home Warranty we offer nationwide home warranty coverage. We are prepared for the influx of customers that are looking for a reputable replacement after Service America closed down. Past customers of Service America can rely on Pride Home Warranty during this tough transition. Here’s a few examples on how the market is changing and how Pride Home Warranty provides the solution.


The margins are non- existent. Even Whirlpool a major appliance manufacturer has seen profits fall in recent months. Given the current steel tariffs, appliances are costing more. Add the increased costs of skilled labor .  The costs of doing business just keeps increasing.Many of the defunct companies like Service America were affected by the tariffs. Pride Home Warranty has partnered up with national wholesalers and Regional parts distributors. This brings the savings to the customer directly by allowing us to get wholesale cost on parts. We adapt to the field and give more value to our loyal customers.

Lack of efficiency and parts “on hand”

In order to make it in the cut throat business, technicians have to be equipped with proper up to date tools.  As well as fully stocked trucks with parts. Technicians servicing customers with inadequate tools/parts will lead to more visits and a decline in their profits.  The longer it takes for a unit to be repaired, the more the cost of doing business increases as well as the bad customer experience.  This in return reduces profit margin and increases hassle. Here at Pride Home Warranty, we incentivize our technicians to come ready for the repair or replacement. When you file a claim a licensed professional comes to your home with a full stock and an array of tools. When contractors come unprepared, it costs them money, us money and more importantly it cost you hassle that you don’t deserve. Efficiency is how we do business.

Customer service issues

As discussed above, having great customer experience will lead to more profit. The customer is always right and that’s what makes or breaks a business.  For example the rise of the ride share industry is due to the superior customer experience of Uber compared to local cab companies. In order to make it, you have to avoid bad customer experience at all cost.  You know what they say, the best form of advertising is word of mouth, and that is a fact which is why Pride Home Warranty relies  heavily on customer referrals.

Home warranty industry

The home warranty industry is a growing industry. It has been bolstered with the current housing market. There are more homeowners than ever before. Home warranties differ from home insurance. Home Insurance handles  structural damage while home warranty handles home systems and Appliances. When you have Pride Home Warranty, here are the steps to getting service you deserve.

  1. Call us and report the issue you are experiencing.
  2. A Licensed professional is assigned to come out and assess the problem.
  3. All covered claims get repaired or replaced

All the homeowner has to do is pay for  a small service fee.  Pride Home Warranty can give you the peace of mind you deserve. With a competitive market comes competitive prices, and we try to be most affordable for the average homeowner.  We are constantly running promotions in order to service more clients. Allow us to provide a policy to fit every budget. If you are in need of a home warranty, get a free quote to see how much savings you qualify for:

All Former Service America clients  – Don’t let your warranty lapse, Call us for a free consultation on all the benefits we can offer. Get $175 off using code: SA175


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