Super Bowl

Game Day Facts And Figures

Super Bowl LIII is the Biggest Sporting Event of the between New England Patriots  and  Los Angeles Rams in Atlanta’ Mercedes Benz Stadium.  More than 100 million people will be watching this game globally. More than 1/3 of the US population will this great moment.Viewers will be tuned in for the commercials as much as the game.The cost for placing a commercial in the Super Bowl is more expensive than any other television event.  A 1 minute commercial can easily cost over $3million dollars. The New England Patriots are no strangers to the Superbowl. This is their 9th appearance in the Super Bowl .The Los Angeles Rams have been in the Super Bowl too. If Los Angeles Rams win this game it will be their fourth Super Bowl Championship. In Las Vegas, more than $115 million in gambling money is bet on the Super Bowl every year.The Half time Show will be covered by Maroon 5 ,Travis Scott and Big Boi of Outkast. The halftime show was originally for university marching bands until 1991 when boyband New Kids On The Block performed. Since then Recording artists have performed at the halftime show. They aren’t paid for their appearance at  the Half time show. However they get the opportunity to perform in front of a TV audience of over 100  million for 12 and a half minutes . It is a perfect win-win situation for everyone involved.

Game Day Decor

We at Pride Home Warranty are fans too.  This year’s game will be more exciting than last year’s game. N.E.P’s Quarterback Tom Brady is in top shape compared to his hand injury last year. It is a tough match for whoever wins the Lombardi Trophy. Our choice on who is gonna win is Los Angeles Rams. They have had a great season and will play a great game in Atlanta,Georgia  this Sunday. The game is on February 3 at the Mercedes Benz stadium. Tickets are still available.  They start at $2,827 it is a great experience to see the game live. However watching the game at home with your friends and family is great too. Here’s a few super bowl party decor ideas.

  • Bring props like football helmets and foam fingers.
  • Make Jersey Coasters of your favorite team
  • Identify foods with food cards
  • DIY Nacho bar to save time on prepping food

Game Day Food

A game day party isn’t complete without food and drinks.Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest day for food consumption in the U.S. Thanksgiving Day is the first.On Game Day there are approximately 8 million pounds of guacamole eaten. To dip in the guacamole, approximately 14,500 tons of chips are consumed.Americans eat 1.3 billion chicken wings for this time of year. That’s 4 wings for everyone in the United States.  Pinterest has alot of free visual information on  recipes. Follow us on Pinterest and Try our pins on Southern Living, Plumbing,Home Warranty, Home Decor and much more.

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