Door Weather StrippingThe Secret Behind Door Weather Stripping

Weather Stripping is a great way to keep your home warm.Every year homeowners should see if there is any gaps in weather stripping. 38% of your home’s lost heat comes from cracks.  This affects your home year round. Save energy and money with Door Weather Stripping.   Weatherstripping can cost the average American home  anywhere between $90–$250. Weatherstripping is  simple enough for a DIY project. Expect a lifespan of 1 year to 3 years until you have to replace weather stripping.Here is an overview of Door Weather Stripping.

Door Weather Stripping

Types of Door Weather Stripping

There are 6 main types of weatherstripping. Choose a type of weather stripping that can withstand the blizzard winds,  temperature changes, and overall conditions of your area. Frost brake, door sweep,foam weatherstripping, rolled vinyl ,felt and tension seal are the materials used.Vinyl resists moisture which will lower the wear and tear on your home. It is cheap but not very durable. Metal such as frost brakes last longer  than other materials plus a great stylistic choice for vintage homes.Felt is not effective for stopping leaks but easy to install. Foam tape is easy to install but has a short life span. Vinyl is superior to felt in leak prevention. Tension Seal  is the most leak proof material.  However it is hard to install. Frost brakes have both metal and wood components.They are tricky to install.  There is also door sweeps that keep heat in.


Installation or Replacement of Weather Stripping requires 3 steps. Measure the perimeter of all doors and windows you want to seal. Always purchase more material in case of errors. Clean  and prepare the area.  Weather stripping should be done before Winter or on a warm day. Last step is installing the weather stripping. For  Replacement after you done the measurements remove the old weather stripping. This will require adhesive cleaner or a staple removing tool. You know the door weather stripping is successful when no air comes through the door.


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