Across the USA, people are advised to use precaution when it comes to the hot weather. Excessive heat is very dangerous. Although you can’t stop the heat waves, we have a few tips to stay safe this summer.  Remember, being alert can help save someone’s life.

1. Stay Hydrated. Try to always have a bottle of water that is nearby or accessible in case you feel thirsty. Dehydration is very dangerous and can be fatal.



2. Never ever leave any kids, elderly, or pets alone in the car. This applies even if you are just going inside for a quick purchase. This should be avoided at all cost.


3. Always check on family, neighbors, and friends who are more prone to heat related problems. Be extra careful if you know they don’t have any a.c. power.

4.If you are indoors, try closing the blinds to avoid the hot temperature. This will help the air conditioning cool the room more efficiently.

5.Wearing light colored clothes does help when you need to run an errand or have to be outdoors. Remember to have a hat and sunscreen that has a high SPF !

6.If you have a job that requires to be outdoors, scheduling it during the early morning or evenings can help you avoid the rising temperature.

7. If you need to walk the dog, make sure it is not too hot for your pets. Sometimes, you can put the back of your hand against the asphalt for 7 seconds. If it is too hot for your hand, then it is too hot to walk the dog.

8.Learning early signs of heat stroke and exhaustion is very important. Knowing what to do can save someone’s life. Immediately call 911 and move the person out of the heat. Do whatever is needed to cool off the person while the paramedics get to the scene.  Your options are immersing the person in water, or removing any excess clothes. Reducing body temperature is important. If you have any ice packs, apply it to the person’s neck, back, groin, or armpits since these areas are filled with blood vessels that are close to the skin, this may reduce body temperature. Signs and Symptoms of heat strokes include:

  • Person is not sweating.
  • Rapid heart beat.
  • Dry, hot, or red skin.
  • Dizziness, headaches, or vomiting.
  • Muscle weakness or cramps.
  • Behavioral change such as confusion, staggering speech , or disorientation.
  • Pinpoint pupils and unconsciousness.

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