Roofing is just as important as the foundation. It protects your property against incumbent weather and pests.  Roofs are more than  their practical purposes. Roofs are important for home decor and overall aesthetic.  Here is an overview on roofing.

Roofing Costs

Roofing can get expensive really quick . For example You need a roof replaced.  A 4000 square foot roof may cost $20,000 to remove 32,000 lbs of tiles. This is for  just for labor. Depending on the residential roofing material used replacement titles, underlayment and all the necessary tools can cost over $12,000.  Add on permit fees, local taxes, and disposal that’s another $2,000-$3,000 before labor costs. This just illustrates the importance of a high quality roof with Class A fire ratings.  Roofs depending on the material can last over 100 years. The following roofing materials that are most common are asphalt, wood, clay, slate, steel and composite. Each one has its pros and cons. Manufacturers sell roofing by the square. To calculate how much roofing you  need multiply the overall length and width of each roof section plus 10% for waste. Divide that amount by 100 this will give the number of necessary squares. Choosing the right contractor can save you money. Roofing contractors can be found on home advisor.

Types of Roofing



Asphalt shingles are the most popular as they are found in over 75% of residential properties. Asphalt shingles are made of fiberglass sandwiched between asphalt and ceramic granules. They can last 30 years or more but can be vulnerable to high winds.  if you live in an area prone to hurricanes you should opt for a different roofing material. They are budget friendly with $125-$200 per square and come in all types of designs.



Wood is sturdy  but it is vulnerable to water damage and fires. A major problem is moss growth and cracked shingles.  Wood shingles roofs can last 25 years and a great style choice for older homes. Cost per square is $350-$450. Wood shake roofs are thicker than wood shingle roofs. They last 2x as long.



Clay titles have been in fashion since 1492. Spanish influence in America extends beyond food, place names and religion. Spanish title roofs are common in Spain and most of Latin america. The tradition of clay title roofs comes from the old California missions. Even on structures over 100 years many clay title roofs are still in good shape. The key to clay roofs is their longevity. They don’t decay just crack under a certain amount of pressure. They are more expensive than most roofing materials . Cost per square is $800-$1000.



Slate is most durable roofing material even more than clay. In England there are structures from the time of shakespeare that still have in tact roofs.  The only downside is broken roof titles need to be replaced immediately. Ideal for more expensive homes are a great investment in design and durability. Cost per square $1,100-$2,000.



Metal roofs are almost as durable as clay or slate. Copper is the most expensive while steel is the most affordable.Advantages of metal include easy installation and it’s ultra-lightweight, about half the weight of asphalt.  Total protection against fires . A downside rainstorms can be noisy. Cost per square $250-$450.



It looks very similar to slate. It is made up of plastic,clay,rubber ,asphalt and much more. The lifespan is up to 50 years but a lot cheaper than slate. Cost per square $400-$650.


Solar Roof

Some people may invest into a solar roof. There is energy cost savings. However it will take 10-15 years to see it. Solar roofs  compared to Slate Titles,  solar roofs are more costly. Ideally, a structural engineer as well as a roofer should assess the roof’s condition, including how much weight it can handle.  It is important to read the manufacturer’s warranty to see what the warranty covers.


If you are in need for a full roof replacement. Home insurance companies may repair your roof. Often times this is not the case . Here at Pride Home Warranty we offer limited roof repair based on wear and tear. If you recently got a roof replaced you have 2 separate warranties. Your manufacturer’s warranty and roofer’s warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty only covers defects in the roofing material.Up to 10 years for asphalt shingles and 50 years for slate and steel roofing. The roofer’s warranty only handles problems from installation. The manufacturer warranty outlasts the roofer’s warranty. It should be noted none of these warranties cover damage from hurricanes.

Having a Pride Home Warranty can take the hassle out of your next covered repair. GET A FREE QUOTE

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