The Importance Of Model And Serial Numbers

 It is extremely important to have the model and serial when your appliance doesn’t work like it should. When a licensed and bonded technician comes to your home to diagnose a problem they need to order replacement parts. In order to purchase replacement parts they need a model and serial number to find the appropriate part number.  Having this information readily available can also cut down on the amount of time needed for the job and saves money for all the parties involved.   The location of the serial tag depends on the manufacturer.  Most people don’t know that most kitchen appliances are manufactured by 8 different manufacturers.  The aesthetics of appliances vary based on the brand. However the underlying mechanical specifications are similar.  The major 8 manufacturers are Whirlpool, Anaheim Mfg, Frigidaire/ Electrolux, General Electric, LG, and NordyneWhirlpool is not just Whirlpool branded units but also encompasses Maytag, Kitchen aid, and Jenn-Air. Kenmore is warrantied by Sears but isn’t manufactured by Sears. High end appliance makers like Samsung,Bosch,Subzero,Viking and Wolf have serial tag on the left side or the right side of the unit.

  When your appliances are in need of repair or replacement Pride Home Warranty is here to help. Here are a few tips to help you find the model and serial tag on your appliances. Also here is a free gift for our readers; Download this Manufacturer Reference Sheet for recording your home appliances and their model / serial numbers. If you would like to see manufacturer phone numbers and who to call, click here: Appliance Manufacturers Phone Number Reference



serial number

The model & serial numbers are printed on the label that is located on the left side of many kitchen refrigerators.  In some units the label can found  inside the refrigerator along the top shelf or the sidewall where  the crisper is located.   The plaque with serial tag will also provide information on energy efficiency and output.

Washing Machines and Dryer

serial numberserial number

On washer units the rating plate is often behind the washing machine door.  The location differs from brand to brand.   The label can be on the front of the door frame (Beko, AEG, and LG) or  the other side of the door (Whirlpool).  If you happen to have a front loader washer check inside the  door jamb.  If you  have a top load  washer open the lid  and look on the top inside.  Dryer tags are found in similar places as seen in washing machines. It can be at the top or bottom of your jamb.

Oven/Rangeserial number

There are a few places you can check regarding your oven’s model and serial number.  The underside of the fuse cover,  lower left hand corner of unit door open, and the outside  bottom of cabinet .

Dishwasherserial numberMake sure the rating plate is clean of foam before recording the model and  serial number.  The rating plate can be in one of 3 places.  Behind the dishwasher door,  the base of the door and somewhere on the sides.

What if your appliance has no model and serial tag ?

All appliances are manufactured in facilities that require a model and serial tag. There is a few reasons why your appliance may not have a tag. The unit is too old and the tag has faded over the years .You may have been sold a defective unit. Important to never remove your model and serial tag. This is vital in identifying the parts to complete a repair or find a replacement unit. The model number and serial number indicates the manufacturing date of the appliance and the manufacturer’s warranty on the appliance. People have unknowingly bought recalled appliances through a used appliance store.  A major red flag is a model  and serial number that is written in permanent marker. If you call the manufacturer in this situation you will not find much help if the rating sticker is removed. If you have been sold an appliance without a rating plate that means it was set for the scrap heap. Any store or private seller sells you an used appliance without a model or serial number is selling an illegal good.

Stay updated on recalls

Manufacturers recall appliances all the time. Sometimes due to technical issues or  the current unit is obsolete. is a great resource to find out the latest recalls. As a new homeowner with existing appliances . It is imperative that you record the model and serial numbers of all the appliances in your home and check the website for recalls. Check out our handy manufacturer log you can download fore free here: Manufacturer Reference Sheet

 Having a Pride home warranty can get you a covered appliance repair hassle free. Call us for more information at 1855-774-3388

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