Common mistakes made during home inspections

A home inspection is a visual inspection of the structure and components of a home. This is a necessary expense for assessing which parts of your home are unsafe or need to be repaired.  Whether you are buying an existing home or a brand new home you should have your home inspected by a home inspector. A home inspector is a licensed professional that is mandated by the state to inspect homes. A home inspector’s report covers the condition of the climate control system, septic system,electrical system. Also t structural aspects of your home like the subfloors, foundation, and walls.

Why is a home inspection report important for a  real estate purchase?

It is an objective report of the flaws in a property. Home buyers tend to buy based on emotion not logic. A home inspection pinpoints any possible problems before any transaction has been done. Vice versa home sellers may think they know everything about their home. A home inspection can point out non visible problems that arise within a home. You need a home inspection for peace of mind. Defects found before the buyer comes along allow you to shop around for a contractors to fix any current situations.

My report has revealed problems. What to do next?

Everybody dreads the report summary with problems detected. Sometimes there are small issues that can be easily remedied. However, if its a bigger issue, It is best to discuss with the seller on how to fix the issue and who will be out of pocket.

Home inspections and home warranties ?

 Home inspections give you insight on the systems and the appliances in your home. If you notice multiple appliances in your home failing then the answer lays in the home inspection. Home warranties protect home buyers against costly repairs. Just keep in mind home warranty plans only cover appliances and home systems. Structural damage,fires,and hurricane damage falls within the realm of home insurance. Having a Pride home warranty can get you a covered home system repair or replacement hassle free. Call us for more information at 1855-774-3388  or  GET A FREE QUOTE

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