Winter Driving Tips

The holidays is a time for gathering. Millions of Americans hit the road during the holiday season. The more people on the road means more traffic and defensive driving techniques while behind the wheel. This is to prevent accidents and start a prosperous new year. Here are 3 tips to drive safely this holiday season.

Check your vehicle

Temperatures are getting lower. Make sure your vehicle has antifreeze.  Check your car’s fluid levels, battery and overall condition. No one wants their car to break down in the middle of a busy road. Keep up with your annual maintenance. If your car has passed the 250,000 miles mark look into replacing it with a newer model.

Drive Defensively

Driving in the winter is different than driving in the summer. Snow,sleet and dirty ice make roads slippery and prone to accidents.  Keep a slow pace and be mindful of your surroundings. Especially during new years eve. Keep an eye on drivers that may be under the influence of alcohol. Another aspect of defensive driving is preparing for emergencies. In your vehicle there should be a first aid kit. In event of a car accident or a blizzard.

Don’t drink and Drive

Everyone likes a great time. However if you have been drinking you shouldn’t be driving.Alcohol is involved in about 40% of all fatal car crashes. Alcohol fueled crashes cost the US about $51 billion  each year. Getting a DUI even if no one is harmed can radically impair your life.This is for your safety and safety for everyone on the road. Download uber, lyft, or any ride share app and get back home hassle free. Just remember to drink any electrolyte drink to prevent a massive headache the following day.

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